Common narratives around spam

Everything is good for Bitcoin

This statement would mean that Bitcoin is perfect and has no flaws or surface attack at all. This will most likely always be wrong. The reason why everything is good for Bitcoin is that Bitcoin can adapt, thanks to its nodes allegedly, against attacks and defend itself that way. But this requires an immune reaction that is currently considered as useless.
Nothing is indestructible, nothing is perfect. Bitcoin needs participants to actively defend it and address new attack vectors. That does not mean implementing soft-forks to defend against everything. Mempool policies, relay policies, long-term miner incentives, social campaigns, ... are all part of the toolkit that needs to be gradually deployed to defend the network. This toolkit can become increasingly more aggressive until the ultimate "defense", in the case of a miner concerted attack for example, where nodes would migrate to a new Proof-of-Work algorithm and reject SHA256 mined blocks for example.