What can you do about it

As a node runner

● Use Bitcoin Knots 26.1.knots20240325 (All spam filters are up to date)​​​​​​​ or 25.1.● Set the following configuration options: -permitbaremultisig=0, -datacarrier=0 (if you are using knots 25.1 or later)● Keep asking node software providers (their telegrams, twitters, nostrs) to introduce GUI options for filtering - show there is demand.
A more detailed version of these instructions can be found here.

Running a node on a Raspberry Pi?

Don't forget that if you don't even use your node to broadcast your transactions and check the state of the chain or TXs of interest to you on-chain, your node plays no role at all in the network.
It is true though that if it's a full node, it could at least help someone synchronize their own node at some point in the future, which is the reason why it is important to keep the ability to run nodes affordable for most users.
● If you're using an Umbrel distribution to run your node, you can install a version of Bitcoin Knots which will filter the inscription related spam. You can do so here with an alternative app store.
Detailed instructions to install or update your Umbrel node are provided here.

As a miner

● Point your hashrate to Ocean ("ocean" or "core+antispam" block template)​​​​​​​, or specifically "Monetary use only" ("Data free"). 

As a developer

● PR for changed defaults (inscription or baremultisig)● Support Knots● Encourage other nodes to adopt Knots, and for Core to update the filters

As a pleb

Be vocal about your concerns, join discussions[1] ,[2] [3], ask questions, share knowledge. Remember that discussions are not always there to persuade the detractor, but to form an opinion of observers. Your voice is the market force.
Make sure to bookmark this resource, and when you see the fallacious line of reasoning — refer to the relevant section.