Common narratives around spam

There's nothing you can do about it

A common argument presented by spammers and spam enablers is that spam should be forgotten about because nothing can be done about it. This argument is simply wrong. In the past, spam has been stopped using filters and through the participation of miners. The arguments presented to argue that you shouldn't try to stop spam are divided into two categories:
1. They can simply change a technical detail of the data injection method and circumvent filters, if filters are the method chosen to fight spam2. Miners are high-time preference greedy mercenaries
The second argument was already addressed and won't be discussed again here
Regarding the first one, an important point about it is that it is a purely technical argument. However, spamming is not only a technical issue. Spammers are ready to pay high TX fees to get their spam into blocks mainly because they are hoping to make a profit out of the spam. The profits made by spammers rely on a network effect around the standard they adopted to spam. That is partly why spamming using extremely inefficient data storage methods continues to be dominant although more efficient "standards" to store data on-chain have been proposed. Updating default filters sends a strong message to signify that certain data injection methods are not desirable and that actors who rely on them are using non-desirable methods. Simply updating default filters in the past has worked, but for reasons unclear, Bitcoin Core developers have refused to consider spam as a significant issue since Taproot and did not take any action at all to update default filters.
Breaking the network effect of a certain "standard" of spam is critical as it forces spammers to adopt a new standard and resets the whole process of building an eco-system and creating a community around it. This also sends a strong signal to external sources of funding that might want to support spammers that future investments are at risk of being rejected by the network at any moment.
There is no other way to fight spam other than through a cat & mouse game and there will most likely never be an absolute solution to spam. That is because, by nature, spam will try to camouflage as valid content in order to waste and misuse shared network resources. The mouse needs to build ecosystems that can generate a profit out of the spam, that is always a costly endeavor that requires funding to build up a network effect around a source of revenue. The cat can easily become better at this game. Developing filters to identify and block new sources of spam is trivial as spammers will usually have to reveal how to identify spam in order to build marketplaces for example around it. All the types of spam of the 2023 wave use "explorers" to identify and present each type of spam, these software can be used to identify the spam.
If spammers eventually make spam so efficient that it becomes indistinguishable from Bitcoin currency transactions, so much so that it cannot be identified anymore, it will most likely won't be considered as spam anymore because of its efficiency. Until then, it is hard to imagine any path or solution other than continuously repealing spam.
Interestingly, spammers also propose that financial transactions should be updated to "improve the incentives and infrastructure for the transactions you DO want to see", namely Bitcoin currency transactions. This obviously contradicts the narrative discussed here, as it means that something can be done, as long as it is what the spammers want you to do. It is the only way to solve this issue according to them. The changes hinted at by spammers are significant as they would require a soft or hard-fork in order to make the native currency, bitcoins, of the network better compete with spam (which is a nonsense as Bitcoin currency transactions are much more efficient). At the same time, spammers insist that nothing can be done and that a kind of significant update is necessary.
Watch @LukeDashjr's interview during which he explains why although spam filters won't definitely stop spam in one day they are a necessary first step in the social consensus to eventually do so: