History of spam on Bitcoin

Free relays > Whitelists > Free relays

● It appears that Satoshi initially wanted to develop and allow for many types of TXs on Bitcoin
● However, he was at some point convinced by Gavin Andresen that was a slippery slope and opened the doors to DDos attacks
● Satoshi then moved back to a whitelist model that only allowed certain types of OP_CODES and TXs on Bitcoin
● Under the pressure of some miners who decided to mine any type of TXs, the whitelist model was then abandoned again


The rise of Out Of Band transactions

The 22nd of February 2024, Marathon, a US based miner that holds around 25 exahash (by March 2024) officially launched a service designed to allow anyone to directly submit transactions to them, completely circumventing mempools and relay policies.


This service mainly targets Non Standard transactions. For example, it was used to mine block 832,849 which is th biggest block to date (3.99 MB). It only contains 7 transactions, among which a single one (an Inscription) occupies most of the block.


A block containing 3097 transactions shared to the mempool was expected instead of this one.